Twenty sixth grade students were honored with the GOOD Citizen award on February 28th, 2019.  For the 23rd consecutive year, the Germantown Lions club awarded these students at the Valley View Intermediate School during a special assembly.  This assembly took place in the auditorium with the entire sixth grade class as well as Parents in attendance.  The students were recognized for being GOOD citizens.  These awards have been presented to students who possess the following criteria:  1.  Good attendance 2. completes homework on time 3.  Neatness and accuracy  4.  Prepared for all tests  5.  Interest in learning  6.  Good listener  7.  Respect for teachers, other students, and administrators  8.  Makes classroom a god learning environment  9.  Displays acts of good citizenship on a daily basis  10.  Student has shown an act of caring towards another person in a difficult situation.

This year’s winners are:  Niomi Allen, Tyler Austin, Cole Baker, Trevor Beck, Jonnah Burge, Grace Bush, Abbagail Cavender, Baylee Foss, Kace Kozarec, Zach Lillard, Ella Moler, Annie Morris, Lilli Neal, Lily Payne, Ella Phillips, Delaney Reed, Reese Riley, Mary Schade, Mckenna Smith, and Nikolas Wick.  Each student received a gold certificate and a t-shirt.

The GOOD awards were begun by Ron Derry from Northwestern Ohio in 1996.  Ron became blind due to complications from diabetes.  He was a teacher and coach but still wanted to recognize students for their positive behaviors even after he and to retire from teaching.  GOOD is an acronym for Going On Or Defeated.  This is what he had to ask himself when he faced adversity.  The Germantown Lions club is proud to be a charter member of clubs in Ohio that participate in the “good citizen” awards.  Ron is a motivational speaker and has honored thousands of students for the past 23 years.