It’s that time of year when assessment testing and end of year exams will begin.  Below you will find a scheduled for all grades in our district. Testing begins in each building approximately 30 minutes after the morning bell rings.  Students arriving late will not be permitted to go into the classroom until the testing has ended.  Schedules will be modified on the days of testing.  Tests are administered in 90 minute increments per part.  Students do better when they take the tests at the normally scheduled time instead of taking them on make up dates.  Please mark you calendars and assure that your child is at school and on time on these days.

The night before, be sure your student(s) get a good night’s sleep! A quick review of the material is fine and then let their body and brain rest.

The day of the test, students should eat a healthy breakfast. Students should arrive to school on time so they are not feeling rushed. Make sure students have the required materials to take the test: pencils, calculators, scrap paper, etc.  Teachers will advise students of what materials are needed.


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