Welcome to the Intermediate Building E-Day Lesson page, for Calamity Days. 

Valley View has worked with the state of Ohio to set up E-days (electronic days) as a way of making up missed school days due to inclement weather after the district has missed 5 total days.  This means that students can miss 8 school days before having to add additional time to our school calendar.
The students are expected to complete an assignment/task for each of their classes that they would have had on that particular school day, including art, gym, and music.
To access these assignments please have your student(s) follow these procedures:
1.  Go to  myaccount.google.com 
2.  Have your student(s) login with their school account and password as if they were logging into a Chromebook at school.
3.  All of your student'(s’) bookmarks from school will now appear at home which will include Google Classroom.
4.  If Google Classroom is not appearing on the bookmark bar, simply go directly to the site classroom.google.com and have your student login with their school information as if they were logging into a Chromebook at school.
Now that your student(s) have successfully logged into Google Classroom, they are ready to complete the assigned lesson which will be marked e-day 1.  Print out the assignment or complete and submit the assignment per your teacher’s instructions on the site.  The assignments are due 10 days after the missed school day but can be submitted sooner.
If the district closes due to inclement weather again, repeat the above steps for e-day 7 and e-day 8 if needed.

Please note: If computer access is blocked, your teacher will give you this assignment copy once we return to school. Students will have two (2) weeks to make up the assignment.